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We strive to expand and sustain the supply of affordable housing; increase access to – and better target – the
services needed by people who are living with HIV/AIDS, disabled, and/or experiencing homelessness; improve healthcare delivery options and outcomes; and expand opportunities for education, employment and training for all extremely low-income and disadvantaged populations.

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Sound Thinking LLC

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     Jacob Dmitri Mihalak

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Sound Thinking LLC  is a Seattle-based consulting firm established by Jacob D. Mihalak, CPA. Dedicated to supporting HIV/AIDS housing & services, healthcare reform, and preventing and ending homelessness, we partner with non-profit, government and philanthropic entities to increase effectiveness, support innovation and build provider capacity in the homeless, housing, HIV/AIDS and human services sectors. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.  ~  Mohandas Gandhi

The Conway School of Landscape Design, where Jake did graduate studies in planning and design, updated its statement of approach for solving “real world” problems. We offer it here because it is core to our planning and problem-solving methodology:

  1. Take a whole-systems approach to design, considering every project in its context
    of people, time and space.

  2. Apply a rigorous process to discover important design influences and get beyond the designer’s personal preferences and let the land “speak.”

  3. Communicate ideas thoroughly, through graphics and the spoken and written word, to reach people in ways they can understand.

  4. Collaborate with clients, other professionals and the public especially those that might otherwise be voiceless or disenfranchised because design problems are too complex to solve alone or solely from one’s own reservoir of ideas.